025 NYE Midnight Run: 4M

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152.jpgI hate 2 holidays in New York City, The 4th of July and New Years Eve. It's not that I don't like these holidays in and of themselves, I just hate spending them IN NYC.

Im quite sick of the overly crowded bars with the ticket prices, the house parties with strangers... it's all so old. Therefore, I had planned to be on a beach somewhere, in the heat, with a pina colada. This plan failed as I jinxed myself by planning a trip to Florida on the 7th to run the Disney Marathon. There would be no way to schedule a NYE trip so close to another vacation based on work etc etc etc. What to do, what to do?


Ed, Jim and Mike of the 'Dad Posse' had mentioned that they would be running the NYE Midnight fun run in Central Park. Maybe I would like to join? After an email from Ed's wife Annelise inviting me over for the pre-run party it was a no brainer and I signed up.

I had a pretty laid back day. I went ice skating with Marissa, shot over to Robin and Ahern's for our annual Irish Whiskey toast then made my way up to Ed and Annelise's place.

The party was perfect. Role call: Ed, Annelise, Jim, Lisa, Mike, Kara, Jack, Isabelle, Ben, Josephine, Elizabeth, Kelly, Kevin plus some of Annelise's family. For our pre-race medicine I made margaritas from scratch (I think it may have took a half hour to juice all the limes). None the less, I think they were a hit and may have improved our race times in the end.

At 11:30, Ed, Jim, Mike, Zack his sister and I hit the road to make it to Central Park in time.

We were a bit late and the race had begun (remember its a fun run and un-timed). We ditched our gear with Zack and his sister (big ups for watching our stuff) and we started the run.

It was like a snow-rain mix but the 4500 runners didn't seem to care, nor did we. There was a barrage of fireworks going off the whole time which was totally amazing to run under.
BD_NYE2.jpgWe started the race in a group of four, taking turns leading. Really, we all were following the 3 gals running in bikinis. I'm serious, they were and they were totally awesome. I chatted with them briefly, one of the girls was 'duped' into running this thing and was clearly not pleased with her run-happy friends.

It was around this point that we all lost sight of one another in the pack. It was then that I decided to start ballin' down the course. I would occasionally slide out on the snow patches to see how far I could go, then jump right into a sprint. Although entertaining to me, I'm sure no one around me thought it was that cool.

There were lots of people high fiving us on the sidelines and it was really great. Props to anyone who hangs out in bad weather cheering on runners!

I was cruising pretty fast and was soaking wet head-to-toe. In all honesty, it started to become quite hard to race. At  mile 3, I was being drafted by a guy who annoyed me. I pulled a 'Top Gun' and jammed on the brakes allowing him to fly past me at which point I yelled "your turn to lead buddy!' He agreed. Remember, I was juiced up with margaritas and positive-crowd vibes. We rounded the corner to the finish and I sprinted it out nearly having heart attack... or maybe that was margarita induced heart burn?

BD_NYE3.jpg BD_NYE4.jpg

After finishing I turned around to hit the finish and cheer on the guys as they completed the race. Its so hard to see anyone in a dark storm though, FYI.

We all found each other and did a round of high-fives as Ed says "Who wants some refreshments?" and produces 4 Fosters Oil Can beers! Wow!

We all cruised out of the park saluting the New Year and our race.

It was exactly how I imagined myself ringing in the New Year. What better way then to be doing something I love and now live for, running and competing.


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This sounds like so much freaking fun! As I watched the ball drop at midnight they cut to a reporter that was trying to interview the runners and I was like I "know" two people running that! :) So fun!!!! Way to ring in the New Year right! See you at Disney! I will have an email out later this week with my spectating location so you can look for me!

Nice! The $40 entry seemed ridiculous when I saw it, but from reading your report, it sounds like it was money well spent. I hope the rest of 2010 keeps going well for you.

Nice going. I also hate the city on those holidays, although I guess the UWS is kind of quiet during the 4th of July.

My husband asked if I was going to run this and I was like, "hell no, I'm planting my ass on the sofa with a glass of champagne." I take my training breaks where I can get them. I'll tell you though, running by the Hudson this morning was soooooooo cold.

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